The Wallonie Espace association features 36 industries and research centers in three universities. It was established in January 1996 to promote and develop the Space know-how in Wallonia and Brussels, at a domestic and international level. The Walloon Region, including Brussels, possesses significant resources in high technology and in advanced research, and for 50 years has pushed the limits of the proficiencies of universities and industries to serve various Space programmes in Europe.

The Space achievements in Wallonia and Brussels concern satellites for telecommunications, broadcasts and earth observations, launch vehicles, research, control and ground test facilities, etc. They are particularly useful for the Ariane programme of Space transportation, meteorological forecast, remote sensing applications, exploration of the solar system, and understanding of phenomena at the heart of the universe.

In 2016, Space science and technology employs 1,600 people in high-value jobs for an annual revenue of 250 M€.

The skills of these professionals are continuously stimulated by the support of the public authorities in order to face the audacious challenges of technology and new ambitions in science.

Moreover, another mission of Wallonie Espace is to attract the younger generation towards scientific and engineering careers, the aim being to ensure the continuity and the future of research and the development of the Space activities in Wallonia and Brussels.

The members of Wallonie Espace have acquired leading roles for specific niches in advanced technology by continuously taking part in the programmes of ESA (European Space Agency), in some missions of the CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales, France), of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, USA), of RAKA (Russian Aero-Space Agency), and in joint ventures with Argentina and India.