About Us

Our mission

Founded in 1996, the Wallonie Espace association aims to promote and enhance the potential of the Walloon Space sector at national and international level. It was recognised in October 2003 as the Space Cluster of the Walloon Region. Through the Marshall plan, Wallonie Espace has become a partner of the SKYWIN cluster representing its Space component. Its 31 members - industrial companies and academic centres - are involved in Space technology and research in Wallonia and Brussels.
Wallonie Espace represents some 1800 employees and a turnover of 350 M€.

The association has the following aims and purposes:

  • Promote the valuable know-how of the Space sector

    in Wallonia and Brussels, towards the public authorities in order to obtain the financial resources required to reinforce its competitiveness at international level.

  • Stimulate the interest of the general public and of youngsters in particular

    in the importance of Space systems and careers in the Space sector, thus ensuring a pool of expertise for the future.

  • Favour the exchange of information

    in order to optimize the conditions around the development of Space activities in Wallonia and in Brussels.

  • Develop a joint prospective view

    that goes beyond the immediate needs of each company and every laboratory in the association.

Wallonie Espace Wallonie Espace

Transcending these various objectives…

The final goal is to upgrade the level of excellence and volume of activities for the Space sector in Wallonia and in Brussels. Indirectly, the mission of Wallonie Espace is linked to the economical and scientific development of its members.

Our Expertise

A Global Player in All Fields of Space

The Wallonie Espace members are actively demonstrating expertise and excellence in various fields and with specific applications of Space technology such as equipment for satellite payloads, launchers, system exploitation, Space applications, etc. Their achievements are particularly useful for the Ariane and Vega Space transportation programmes, meteorological forecast, remote sensing applications, exploration of the solar system, understanding of phenomena at the heart of the universe …

An overview of the Wallonie Espace skills and fields of activity:

  • A Leading Actor in European Launchers

    Structures – Integrated thrust vector control system – Servo actuator – On-board electronics & software – Cryogenic valves – Test benches

  • State-of-the-Art Technologies in Earth Observation

    Optical instruments – Electronics & software – Platform structures – Satellite control centres – Satellite simulations

  • A World-Wide Presence on the Telecommunications Market

    Electronics & software – Ground operations – Heat management

  • A Strategic Contributor to Navigation

    Ground Segment – Power Electronics

  • A Large Spectrum of Skills in Space Applications

    Earth Observation applications –– Space Situational Awareness –– Climate Change

  • A Recognised Expertise in Science & Exploration

    Optical instruments & scientific payloads – Tests in simulated Space environment – Astronomy – Structures, electronics & software – Satellite control centres

  • A Trusted Partner in Research, Education & Technology Transfer

    60 University departments & 2 research centres – Masters in Aerospace engineering & Space sciences – CubeSat – Eurospace Center for edutainment– ESA BIC incubator

Launchers Launchers
Research, Education & Technology Transfer Research, Education & Technology Transfer
Science & Exploration Science & Exploration
Earth Observation Earth Observation
Navigation Navigation
Space Applications Space Applications
Telecommunication Telecommunication
Wallonie Espace

31 Actors sharing their skills to tackle Space-related challenges and offer inventive solutions to real-world issues based on Space data.